MyLoweslife W-2

Myloweslife W-2

Learn how to access your Lowe’s W2 online at Lowes W2 Guide for current and former Lowe’s employees.

Getting your W-2 – Current Employees.

Current associates must first visit
Then navigate to > My Wealth > Payroll Services > W-2 Services.

Click on “Get your W-2 now” if you selected online delivery. Find the current year’s W-2 and click on the blue arrow and select “Online” and follow the steps to print it out.

If you did not select online delivery of your W2,  then go to the  and click on “W-2 reprint.” (only possible from the beginning of February).

Associates can get can 1 reprint for free for the current year W-2. There is a charge for prior -year W-2 statements.

Ps ,  you could have 2 W2’s, if you have worked in more than 1 state or lived in 1 state and worked in another.

Look at all the pages when you print the W-2. The second W2 will be the LAST page to print.

Getting your W-2 – Former Employees.

Former employees should go to

On the first webpage enter LOWES in the employer name box or enter the  LOWES employer code of 11116.

On the next webpage, enter your SSN and your PIN (last four digits of SSN + MM + YY of your birth date) and press on the “Continue” tab to log in to into

Change the default PIN  after logging in to for the first time.

After logging in, select “Get your W2 now” for online delivery or click on W-2 reprint (possible after Feb 1).

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