MyLoweslife W-2

Myloweslife W-2

Learn how to access your Lowe’s W2 online at Lowes W2 Guide for current and former Lowe’s employees.

Getting your Lowe’s W-2 – Current Employees.

Current associates must first visit
Then navigate to > My Wealth > Payroll Services > W-2 Services.

Click on “Get your W-2 now” if you selected online delivery. Find the current year’s W-2 and click on the blue arrow and select “Online” and follow the steps to print it out.

If you did not select online delivery of your W2,  then go to the  and click on “W-2 reprint.” (only possible from the beginning of February).

Associates can get can 1 reprint for free for the current year W-2. There is a charge for prior -year W-2 statements.

Ps ,  you could have 2 W2’s, if you have worked in more than 1 state or lived in 1 state and worked in another.

Look at all the pages when you print the W-2. The second W2 will be the LAST page to print.

Getting your Lowe’s W-2 – Former Employees.

Former employees should go to

On the first webpage enter LOWES in the employer name box or enter the  LOWES employer code of 11116.

On the next webpage, enter your SSN and your PIN (last four digits of SSN + MM + YY of your birth date) and press on the “Continue” tab to log in to into

Change the default PIN  after logging in to for the first time.

After logging in, select “Get your W2 now” for online delivery or click on W-2 reprint (possible after Feb 1).

What is a W-2?

Form W-2 is a tax form used in the United States by the Internal Revenue Service to report wages paid to associates/employees and the withheld taxes.

All employers must complete a Form W-2 for each of their employees that are paid a salary or other compensation as part of the employment.

As per IRS.Gov: Every US employer who pays a salary/remuneration, including noncash payments of $600 or more for the year for services performed by an associate must file a Form W-2 for all associates (even if the associate is related to the employer) from whom:

  • Income, social security, or Medicare tax was withheld.
  • Income tax would have been withheld if the employee had claimed no more than 1 withholding allowance or if the employee had not claimed exemption from withholding on Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate.

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    1. Federal law requires employers, and Lowe’s, to send W-2 statements, no matter the earnings amount. W2 statements can be sent in paper or digital form. The IRS allows your employer (Lowe’s) to charge for any duplicate copies, with no dollar amount limit, and to charge a fee for previous-year W2 statements.


  1. Hello………. My name is Marshall “Marty” Mandrell and I work at store #2820 in Arizona……. I’m getting worried because I still haven’t received my W2 form in the mail? I called previously and mentioned it to someone else with Lowe’s and they said they would send another but it has been over two weeks and April is coming up? They said the original was sent to the wrong address? My address is 5658 W. Mescal St. Glendale, Az. 85304……. Thank You.


    1. If you are accessing your W-2 via, then be aware that active Lowes employees should use their 9 digit sales ID (with leading zeroes) to log in. Inactive/former employees should use 9+SSN to log in.


  2. I now live in the Philippines as of this past November. How can I get my W-2 form when it becomes available when I do not have a phone number and just an email address. I believe you go to now


    1. Former Lowes employees should go to, now, and use company code 11116 to access their W-2.
      If you have a specific question about your Lowes W2, then email HR on You should get an answer within 8 business hours.


    1. Lowes’s employees can receive 1 reprint free for the current year’s W-2, but there will be a fee for prior-year W-2 statements.


  3. I am a former employee and I need copies of my 2013 2014 w2 I tried to login on w2express did everything step by step tried the default but it’s saying unable to validate identity


  4. 814/2018 my name is Karen Allen and I am a former employee of Lowes Home Improvement and I need to get a copy of my 2014 W2. I have tried to log in but was unsuccessful. My email address is Karen.xxxxxx@gmail. Can you provide assistance.

    Thank You In Advance
    Karen Allen


    1. Hi Karen, you will need to log in at the FORMER Lowe’s Employee Login page, found at
      If you still have questions about your W-2, then please send an email to You should get a response within 8 hours.
      Alternatively, former employees should go to www. Enter LOWES in the employer name field or enter the e
      mployer code of 11116. On the following screen, enter your SSN and your default PIN (last four digits of SSN + MM + YY and click on “Continue” to get logged into the website.
      Change your PIN after logging in for the first. On the main menu, select “Get your W-2 now” if you chose online delivery.


  5. I need my pay stubs sent to me please. My lawyer needs them. Please send to Donna L Morgan xxxx Virginia ave Johnstown Pa 15906. I worked at Lowe’s at 630 Solomon run road Johnstown Pa 15904.



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